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As a service to ITN members, we regularly update a scoop-it site, which includes the latest interpreter education information sourced from blogs, websites, news articles, scholarly publications, conference announcements, etc. on issues relevant to interpreter education, training and mentoring. Please visit the site at: http://www.scoop.it/t/interpreter-education

Daniel Gile posts regular updates on his CIRIN website here, and in February 2012 he posted a set of powerpoint slides from a presentation he made regarding the role of research in interpreter education at a seminar for AIIC in Rome. The slides can be downloaded here: http://www.cirinandgile.com/AIIC%20Rome%20homepage.htm

Video materials of genuine doctor-patient consultations in English can be found at the “English for Medical Purposes” website of Tokyo Medical University. Just click here and create a free account on the site. Each video case is supported by a full English transcript and includes interactive questions for self-study purposes. These real-life consultations are an ideal teaching resource

A website consisting of animated dialogues with spoken English as well as written text:


A couple of written dialogues can be found here:

http://www.englishclub.com/english-for-work/index.htm (try "nurses and medical professionals" and "police")

Short written medical dialogues:



The iTunesU section of the iTunes store contains many free source texts in English covering a wide variety of topics and thematic complexity. Some texts are authentic recordings from lectures, interviews or presentations, while others are scripted then filmed

TED talks, found at  http://www.ted.com also offer a diverse range of English texts for monologue interpreting practice

Radio National is a useful source of English texts - transcripts of interviews are also available http://www.abc.net.au/rn/podcast/ Outside of Australia, many national radio stations have similar program format, for example the BBC in the UK

Copies of speeches by Ministers and other Australian Government officials can be found here: http://www.dfat.gov.au/media/speeches/index.html or for a similar European site for government speeches, see: http://www.multilingualspeeches.tv/scic/portal/speech_repository?about_project=true

A great deal of authentic sight translation practice material is available on the internet, for example forms for taking a medical history. The following link contains a patient consent to treatment or investigation form: http://www.safetyandquality.health.wa.gov.au/docs/consent/090619_Form_A.pdf

The International Journal of Interpreter Education is a new resource, published by the Conference of Interpreter Trainers CIT. The Editor is Dr Jemina Napier. Consider subscribing! Click here to visit IJIE

A good website about the characteristics of adult learners


A wealth of teaching tips can be found here re: how adults learn, preparing lesson plans, dealing with difficult students and so on


Another good website with further links to resources and tools to support teaching and learning


A UK website for teachers and learners of English - it contains podcasts and downloadable material with word counts identified, amongst other resources


A brilliant resource for interpreter educators, as well as interpreting practitioners - the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centres in the USA


This URL contains information, instructions and downloads of tools and strategies that can be incorporated in good teaching practices, and elaborates on models of learning behaviour. http://www.cap.nsw.edu.au/tools-and-strategies

Another site on teaching and learning strategies


A handy site detailing elements of assessment and designing effective assessments


A website including pedagogical materials that interpreter educators can use for different purposes


Tertiary training program for interpreter educators at Macquarie University, Australia


The National Interpreter Education Centre at Northeastern University, USA


A site outlining the domains and competencies for teaching sign language interpreters is available here


Free online journals and newsletters on translation and interpreting / Deaf Studies - useful for discussion starters with students, or to extend students knowledge on certain topics:-

New Voices in Translation Studies

Journal of Specialised Translation

International Journal of Translation and Interpreting Research

Meta: Translators’ Journal

Deaf Studies Digital Journal

Translating Today magazine

M/C - Journal of Media and Culture


The Interpreters’ Voice



Translation Journal

The Interpreters’ Newsletter - the most recent issue is not freely available. Past issues are accessible.

If you would like to purchase the latest or the most seminal texts and volumes on signed language interpreting and T & I pedagogy, the following publishing houses will likely be of particular interest to you (not an exclusive list):

Gallaudet University Press

John Benjamins Publishing Company

Multilingual Matters

St Jerome Publishing

To a lesser extent, searches of Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Routledge, and Palgrave Macmillan will also bear some fruit.

If you are aware of teaching and learning resources that could be added to this list, please forward details with the url address to itn@aslia.com.au